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Product Overview

Version: 1.03
Last Update: 12-05-2020
Permissions: Modify/Copy/No Transfer
LAND IMPACT: Variable, 1 - 12

Price: L$200

Product Content

  • [URCS]_Traffic_Light_1Way
  • [URCS]_Traffic_Light_3Way
  • [URCS]_Traffic_Light_4Way
  • [URCS]_Traffic_Light_1Way_NoShadow
  • [URCS]_Traffic_Light_3Way_NoShadow
  • [URCS]_Traffic_Light_4Way_NoShadow
  • [URCS]_Pedestrian_Parent_L
  • [URCS]_Pedestrian_Child_L
  • [URCS]_Pedestrian_Parent_R
  • [URCS]_Pedestrian_Child_R
  • [URCS]_Pedestrian_Light_Parent_SA
  • [URCS]_Pedestrian_Light_Child_SA
  • [URCS]_Traffic_Lights_1_Updater
  • [URCS]_Traffic_Lights_1_NOTE


Traffic Lights 1 Pack:

    UR City Series Traffic Lights 1 is a fully functional and adjustable Traffic Light System.
  • Low Lag and Low Script.
  • 4 Different Traffic Lights.
  • 4, 3, 1 Way Traffic Lights.
  • Pedestrian Traffic Lights.
  • Adjustable Time settings.
  • Create Groups of Traffic and Pedestrian Traffic Lights.
  • Advanced Controller with Breaker (Power), ON/Out Of Order and Set Light Color.
  • Controller Shutter.
  • Free Updates.


Traffic Lights 1 Pack:

    Traffic_Lights_1 usage:
  • Rez a Traffic Light.
  • Each Traffic Light has a Controller hidden by a Shutter, Click to open.
  • Controller
    • BREAKER: Turns Power ON/OFF.
    • ON/OFF: Turns the Traffic Light ON or Out Of Order (Light blinks Orange).
    • SET LIGHT: Turns light constantly Red, Orange or Green or OFF.
    • MENU: Load Data (see below) and Exit Menu.
    Advanced Settings Traffic Lights Description Field usage:
  • In the Building Tool, General Tab at Description you see a couple of Values:
  • 1, 15, 5, 3, FALSE
    • Serial Number: To assign the Traffic Light to a Group in combination with Pedestrian Lights.
    • Time Green: The time the light stays Green.
    • Time Orange: The time the light stays Orange.
    • Time Between Lights: The time between the red light of one and the green light of another.
    • Pedestrian Lights: TRUE or FALSE.
  • After changing Values, click the Menu Button of the Controller and choose "Load Data".
  • Changes will be confirmed.
Pedestrian Traffic Light usage:
  • Rez a Pedestrian Traffic Parent Light.
  • At the Description Field you can enter the Serial Number to assign it to a Traffic Light.
  • Click it to enable/disable the Pedestrain Traffic Light.
  • You can link Child Pedestrian Traffic Lights to one Parent Pedestrian Traffic Light.
  • Don't link the Pedestrain Lights to the regular Traffic Lights!
When there is an update available just rez the [URCS]_Traffic_Lights_1_Updater and press it.
* Can take up to 20 seconds before you'll recieve a response.

Update History

VERSION: 1.03, 12-05-2020
  • FIXED: Update Server
VERSION: 1.02, 07-20-2012
  • FIXED: Modify/Copy Permissions on SA Pedestrian Lights.
VERSION: 1.01, 05-23-2012

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