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Product Overview

Version: 1.03
Last Update: 11-02-2012
Permissions: Modify/Copy/No Transfer
Land Impact:
  • FX MHEAD Ai100: 9
  • Controller: 3
Price: L$750

Product Content

  • [URW]_FX_MHEAD_Ai100_Base
  • [URW]_FX_MHEAD_Ai100_Controller
  • [URW]_FX_MHEAD_Ai100_Note



The FX_MHEAD_Ai100 is a Moving Head light effect with the following Features:
  • 2 Normal Size MHeads (15x2.5 & 15x4 Mtr.).
  • 2 Extra Large Size MHeads (30x4 & 30x8 Mtr.).
  • 8 Different Colors. 4 Customizable Colors.
  • 4 Different Beams.
  • Prim Point Lights.
  • Beam Slide Mode with Easy Adjustable Speed Buttons (- +) and Beam Slide Mode Off.
  • Flash Mode with Easy Adjustable Speed Buttons (- +) and Flash Mode Off.
  • 3 Programs: Random Colors, Random All, Color In Order and Program Off.
  • 3 Smooth Rotation Modes: Arm & Head, Arm Only, Head Only, Rotation Mode Off.
  • 3 Smooth Scan Modes: Arm & Head, Arm Only, Head Only, Scan Mode Off.
  • Easy Adjustable Speed Buttons (- +) for both Rotation and Scan Modes.
  • Positioning Cursors: Left, Up, Down, Right.
  • Save MHead Positions to 8 available Slots.
  • 8 MHead Position Slots (Saved Positions).
  • 2 Position Programs: Random Positions, Position In Order and Program Off.
  • Adjustable Random/In Order Timer settings (see: ADVANCED SET-UP).
  • 4 SET Buttons.
  • All Off function.



  • Rez the FX_MHEAD_Ai100_Base:
  • Place the Base to a desired location with the Logo towards the Dance Floor.
  • Click on it and choose your Moving Head from the Menu. Your Moving Head will be rezzed.
  • The Moving Head saves this position/rotation. Settings will be confirmed.
  • On one side of the MHeads Arm you can find the Menu Button with Settings (see: Manual).
* Do not copy/move/rotate the MHead itself after rezzing from the CEILING/FLOOR Base.
* You can rotate the Base to move the logo to the back if you like.
  • Repeat the above steps (Rez, Place, Click) for each Moving Head you want to install.



When the FX_MHEAD_Ai100 Menu prim (On one side of the Arm) is pressed by the owner, a menu will appear with the following options:
  • RESET: Resets your MHead to the original settings and Advanced Set-Up entries.
  • SET 1, 2, 3, 4: You can create up to 4 groups of FX_MHEAD_Ai100s. Default is Set 1.
  • LEFT/RIGHT: Left or Right Rotation Alignment. All Rotations will be reversed. Default is Right.
  • RLIGHT ON/OFF: Enables/Disables the Prim Point Light Effect. Default is ON.
  • LOAD DATA: Loads MHead Description Box entries (see: ADVANCED SET-UP).
  • Exit Menu: To exit the menu the correct way.

The Controller has 68 buttons:
  • ON: The last known Program/State will be started.
  • OFF: Turns both the FX_MHEAD_Ai100 and Controller off.
  • ALL OFF: Turns both the FX_MHEAD_Ai100 in all 4 Sets and Controller off.
  • SET 1, 2, 3, 4: To access FX_MHEAD_Ai100s who are assigned to SET 1, 2, 3 or 4.
  • BEAM ANIM ON/OFF: Enables/Disables Beam Slide Mode.
  • BEAM ANIM - + : Easy Adjustable Slide Beam Speed Buttons.
  • FLASH ON/OFF: Enables/Disables Beam Flash Mode.
  • FLASH - + : Easy Adjustable Beam Flash Speed Buttons.
  • ROT: Smooth Rotation of Arm & Head, Arm Only, Head Only and Smooth Rotation Off.
  • ROT ARM/HEAD SPEED - + : Easy Adjustable Smooth Rotation Speed Buttons.
  • SCAN*: Smooth Scanning of Arm & Head, Arm Only, Head Only and Scan Off.
  • SCAN* ARM/HEAD SPEED - + : Easy Adjustable Scan Speed Buttons.
  • R: Each R button corresponding with the Functions resets the Speeds to Default.
  • CCOL 1, 2, 3, 4 : Custom Colors (see: ADVANCED SET-UP).
  • COLORS: Beam Colors are: red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange, magenta and white.
  • BEAM 1, 2, 3, 4: Enables the 4 different Beams.
  • P OFF: Stops the Random/In Order Programs.
  • P RANDOM: Starts the Random Colors Program.
  • P RANDOM ALL: Starts Random All Program. Colors, Beams, Slide and Flash combined.
  • P IN ORDER: Starts the Color In Order Program.
  • P OFF: Stops the Random/In Order Saved Position Programs.
  • P RANDOM POS: Starts the Random Saved Position Program.
  • P IN ORDER POS: Starts the Saved Position In Order Program.
  • SAVE POS: Saves the MHeads Position made with the Cursors to the 8 available Slots (Menu).
  • POS LEFT/UP/DOWN/RIGHT: Rotates the MHeads Arm or Head in Steps of 10 degrees.
  • POS 1-8: Rotates MHeads to the Saved Position.
* SCAN: If Scan Programs are ended the MHead can become unresponsive for a couple of seconds untill the MHeads position has been returned to normal.

  • Owner, Group, All: Makes the Controller accessible for Owner, Group and All. Default is Group.
  • Update*: To check for product updates.
  • Exit Menu: To exit the Menu correctly.
* Update: Can take up to 20 seconds before you'll recieve a response.

Usage Notes

If you want to Save Different Rotation Positions for each/some Moving Head(s):

  • Assign all MHeads to SET 1 first.
  • Assign both Controller and the MHead(s) you want to change to SET 2.
  • After Rotating (Controller Cursors) and Saving, assign the changed MHead(s) to SET 4.
  • Then assign the next MHead to SET 2.
  • After Rotating (Controller Cursors) and Saving, assign the changed MHead(s) to SET 4.
  • Etc.
  • If done you can assign the Controller and all MHeads to the desired SET(s).
* Just keep in mind that Saving Positions will affect MHeads assigned to the same SET as the Controller.

Advanced Set-Up


The Random/In Order Timer and Custom Colors can be changed by filling in the MHeads Description Field.

The settings are:
  • Random/In Order Program Timer, Range from 2.0 Seconds - Endless. Default is 10 Seconds.
  • Custom Color 1, 2, 3, 4, <0.0, 0.0, 0.0> Range 1.0 - 0.0 (RGB).
The Description Field looks like this:
10.0, <0.0, 0.0, 0.0>, <0.0, 0.0, 0.0>, <0.0, 0.0, 0.0>, <0.0, 0.0, 0.0>

After filling in the desired value press the Menu Prim and choose "LOAD DATA".
Changes will be confirmed.

To Reset the Object Description Field press Menu Prim and choose "RESET".
All entries and saved positions will be lost. Changes will be confirmed.

* Settings like Glow or Transparency can be changed using the Build Tool -> Texture Tab.

Update History

VERSION: 1.03, 11-02-2012
  • CHANGED: The MHead can be placed anywhere and anyhow (floor, ceiling, wall etc).
  • ADDED: Prim Point Light function.
  • ADDED: 4 Customizable Colors.
VERSION: 1.02, 09-19-2012
  • FIXED: IDCode not showing in MHeads Menu.
VERSION: 1.01, 09-15-2012

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